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Tips When Moving With Pets

Pets are an important part of the family and when you are moving to a new house, you will need to organize and plan accordingly in order to ensure that your pets also have a successful moving experience. Keep in mind that all kinds of changes are stressful for pets; therefore it is important to make sure you have sufficient time to plan for these situations. Here are some tips to help your pet survive the move unscathed:

Travel with your pet. Pets will feel safer and comfortable when they are with you, rather than strangers. This will also give you a peace of mind about your pets' health and security. If you, along with your pet are planning to travel by air, make sure you do ample research about airline laws. Talk to your vet, and take all necessary precautions to ensure that your pet is safe.

Train your pet for car travel. Take short and frequent car trips with your pet, and to get them accustomed of car travel. If car travel does not suit your pet, your vet will be able to provide alternatives. Make sure you have travel kennels and crates or pet seat-belts for bigger pets. They should not be transported in open trucks, or in the front seat of cars.

Secure your pets while movers pack and transport things. Your pets can be good around people, but they can get "scared" or "worried" due to all the activity happening around them. While the movers are packing and carting away your stuff, find safe kennels or crates, or a room that is off-limits for others. Inform everyone from the moving crew to not enter the room or touch your pets' toys. You should also consider getting friends or family members, who are familiar with your pet, to watch them while you are busy with the movers.

Proper identification is important. Make sure that your pet is wearing proper identification such as tags, collars, microchips etc. After your new address has been finalized, get your pets' IDs updated as soon as possible. You can now get new ids and tags for your pets from pet stores that have automatic tag-designing machines.

Documentations must be kept in a safe and handy place. Documents about recent vaccines, tattoo IDs, microchips, licenses, sterilization certificates, your vet's contact numbers, and a latest snapshot of your pets must be kept at hand. Make sure those are available when you want them.

Maintain the same routine. On moving day, try to maintain the same routine you have with your pet. If you have a dog take them out for their regular walks or if you normally play with you cat; still do so. Pets are very smart and will realize if something is different in your behavior and their day-to-day life. Keep the day as structured as possible for a calm and happy pet.

Pack a separate bag for your pets. In a separate bag keep leashes, towels, bedding, toys, bowls, kennels or crates, and other essentials for your pet. Make sure they eat the same kind of food while you are traveling; this will be beneficial in avoiding stomach upsets. Make sure you have clean water for them to drink and their medications and a first-aid kit is packed.

Preparing to move your pet is a crucial part of your moving experience. Planning and patience will ensure that your move is successful for both you and your pets.

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