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Pet Friendly Apartments was founded in 1997 by 'TopDog' Alex Dobrow

The idea wouldn't have come to be without the help of Boo, Alex's 120 pound German Pincher. The apartment community where they were living told them to leave because of Boo's size and weight. Alex wasn't parting with him for any reason. After searching high and low for a community that was suitable and accepted dogs over 50lbs, they finally found a place to call home.

The stress and anxiety was overwhelming and Alex would rather live on the streets than part with his best friend. He thought one night that there probably were many people in his shoes, worrying about the same thing. And in a dream, was born with the company starting the following day.

Having no computer experience, Alex met a brand new web designer, Mari Livsey with Online Graphics. Now with over a million visitors annually, they continue to work together to improve the site to help others easily find pet friendly housing, hotels and services.

The goal of is to be your one stop shop for "Everything for Pets made Easier". Enjoy the site and the information, because we want all people with pets to have a place to call home.

Boo - Alex's German Shepherd